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W/B 27th November

Year 4 and 5 engaged in a thought-provoking debate to rank the 10 commandments in order of importance, culminating in the creation of a diamond 10 that reflects their collective perspective on the significance of these guiding principles.



W/B 20th November

Year 2 have amazed us with their stunning artwork depicting the Annunciation. Their creativity and talent shine through in the beautiful pieces they've crafted, showcasing their deep understanding of this significant event.


W/B 13th November

Year 3 had a special visit from a parent who shared insights into Jewish traditions, showcasing the customs and rituals of Shabbat. They had the opportunity to experience Challah bread and grape juice, symbolising elements of the Shabbat meal.


W/B 6th November

All classes have started their new RE topics:
Nursery- My Family
Reception- God’s Family
Year 1-Mary, Mother of God
Year 2- Mysteries
Year 3- Mary, Mother of God
Year 4/5- God’s Covenants
Year 6- Justice

Autumn 2

W/B 30th October
During Judaism Week, we had the opportunity to engage with guest speaker Mr. Rose, who shared insights into Jewish traditions and conducted interactive workshops. These sessions deepened our understanding of Jewish culture and traditions.

W/B 16th October

Year 3 have been learning about how receiving the Sacrament of Baptism is how to become a member of the Christian Family. They re-enacted what happens at Baptism and shared photos from their own Baptisms.

W/B 9th October

Reception have been thinking about and describing how much God loves them.


W/B 2nd October

Year 1 having been talking about God’s wonderful creation. They created a piece of art reflecting their favourite part of God’s creation. This week (4th October) was the feast of St Francis of Assisi, Year 1’s class saint.

At Holy Family we teach Religious Education using a published scheme of work called
The Way, the Truth and the Life.




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