Our Gospel Values

Ambitious | Courageous |Empowered

At Holy Family we have an important role in fulfilling the mission of the church

Our five Gospel Values underpin our attitudes, beliefs and guides our behaviour

As learning is a lifelong journey, our Gospel Values guide us along this journey


‘Love is the measure of faith’

(Pope Francis)

Love can be shown in many ways. Along our journey, it is important for us to show love to the people around us.


We are not alone in our journey. Respect is the key to building relationships. As children of God, we have a duty not only to respect our friends and teachers but also to show respect to our environment as we are stewards of the earth.


Just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, we have a role to serve our neighbours and wider community. Through fundraising and prayer, we will strive to help the people in our world, our common home. ​

Faith & Hope

Throughout our journey there will be difficult moments, our faith will help us to not lose hope. We have faith in our teachers who will help us along the journey. During difficult moments our faith will give us strength to remain hopeful.