Living God's Mission

Feeding the hungry

Before Christmas we launched our Advent Foodbank. Thanks to the generous donations from our School Community, Fr Anton & everyone at St John Fisher, Waitrose in Greenwich, the Co-op on Shooter’s Hill and a community group in Blackheath, we were able to make up almost 100 food parcels. Amongst the donations, we received over 40 boxes of mince pies, 67 tins of baked beans, 78 packs of pasta and almost 50 tins of soup. Thank you to the children in Year 6, who helped make up our packages.

Project Hope

During the Pandemic Holy Family took part in Project Hope which was an initiative set up to help support NHS staff. As part of this initiative we were asked to donate a number of items such as bottles of water, takeaway cups and toiletries. These would then be given to help support the well-being of NHS staff working in Greenwich and Lewisham. Thanks to the generosity of our school community we managed to collect many donation which we took to Charlton Football Stadium where it was stored and then distributed across hospitals, care home and hospice.