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Hello and welcome to the Holy Family Blog!

After taking on board feedback from those who attended the Parent Governor Coffee Morning hosted by Mr Holdsworth (our Chair of Governors), we wanted to improve the way we communicate with our parents.

Having spent a great deal of time developing our school website, it is now a hub of up to date information and resources!

To ensure we utilise our website to the full, we have decided to replace the school newsletter with a blog. The blog will be updated weekly and parents will be sent a link to the latest post. We hope you will find the new format informative and useful.

On the blog we will aim to bring you a round up of our week in school, information about up and coming events and an insight into what's been going on. For key school dates throughout this half term, please continue to refer to our Key Dates for Parents.

Have a great weekend,

01 | 04 | 22: This week in School...

Wow, already at the end of another half-term. I’m sure you will all agree it has really flown by. First of all I’d like to extend a warm thanks to you all for supporting us as a school at our Spring Fayre. A wonderful time was had by all and you could really feel the sense of community in the air. Many burgers and doughnuts were washed down with some of Mr Dickerson’s drinks, although he may need a bit of practice before the Summer Fayre. A great effort was made by all the classes and well done to the children for working so hard and making such excellent products. Now for some behind the scenes fayre related news. Mr Dickerson’s stall would have been an absolute disaster if it had not been for the intervention of Mrs Holdsworth, who when the delivery did not arrive, went to the shop and saved the day! So from everyone at Holy Family, thank you! Also a big thank you to all the staff and parents who helped man and close the event. So far the total raised is over £900.

We were very fortunate to have Father Anton come in this week and speak to KS2 about The Stations Of The Cross. It was a lovely time in the run up to Easter where the children had the opportunity to to really understand what Jesus went through.

Now for some exciting news looking into next term. Mr Browne and Mr Dickerson will be holding trials for the football team on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime of the first week back. They have one eye focused on next academic year and will be looking to build a team around a core of players who they can rely on for the next year. On Wednesday lunchtime, we will also be inviting just Year 4 to take part, should they be chosen they will be invited to train with the team but unfortunately would not be able to play in matches due to rules. On Thursday we will be inviting just Year 5.

Please have a restful and safe Easter break. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact the school, we’re always here for you and we all want the same thing. The very best for our children.

25 | 03 | 22: This week in School...

As we come to the end of our penultimate week of this spring term, you can feel the excitement growing as we head towards summer. The weather has been wonderful this week and has really raised spirits. Mr Dickerson was especially pleased to get his short sleeve shirts and sunglasses on!

This week Miss Darren was riding high once again as she took the Prayer Rangers to St George’s Cathedral.

I spoke to one Prayer Rangers who told me:

“We had a great time going to the Cathedral where we got to meet lots of important people and even met someone who was one of Oscar Romero’s friends. We picked up our St Oscar Romero Award, which was a certificate, because Mr Mamba came walking round our school to see how we put Catholic social Teaching in place. He thought that we did it really well so he gave us this lovely award. We had the chance to see St Oscar Romero’s cap, we saw a huge cross, which depicted the poor raising St Oscar Romero into heaven. It was a long walk to the cathedral and back but we did enjoy it!”

Next week we have all sorts of exciting events taking place, most notably our Spring Fair. It is great to finally be able to host you after unfortunately having to cancel our Christmas Fair. No matter your interests, there will be something to suit you. Join Mr Dickerson for a Mocktail, Mrs Lawrence for a burger and polish that all off with one of Mr Browne’s doughnuts.

On Monday, there will also be the opportunity to take part in the bunny hop. Every child will have the chance to raise money for our MUGA by running round the school for 1 mile. There is also a rumor that teachers may be looking a little silly.

After Easter, we are delighted to invite Olé Spanish club to our school. It will be starting after Easter on Wednesday 27th April for 5 weeks. It will cost £30 and last from 3:30 to 4:30. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 are welcome.

Whilst there is a lot going on, there will still be some brilliant learning going on in our classrooms. Have a restful weekend and we cannot wait to see you on Tuesday.

17 | 03 | 22: This week in School...

Despite it only being a 4 day week, it never slows down at Holy Family. As I write this on our non-uniform day in support of Save The Children, I keep in mind how lucky we are to have the sun shining and be in a wonderful and safe place. Thank you to everyone, and the school looks wonderful with everyone donning blue and yellow.

We have had glorious news, as last week we welcomed Mr Samba from the St Oscar Romero Award to our school. Mr Samba spent the morning visiting our school and speaking to the children about Catholic Social Teaching (CST). CTS is about how we can incorporate Catholic values in our everyday life, for example how we can spread peace and look after the world. Mr Samba thought so highly of the work going on at our school that not only did he award us the St Oscar Romero Award Participator Level, he put us forward as an ambassador school for the award. A big congratulations and thank you to Miss Darren for all her fantastic work towards this achievement.

Mr Dickerson and the Learning Council hosted a tournament of the maths game Race to Infinity. The Learning Council and Year 3 took part in the tournament. There were many twists and turns during the competition but, in the end Teddy and Krish won playing as a team. Every child who took part should be very proud of themselves and thanks to Mr Dickerson and the Learning Council for putting on such a wonderful event. The finalists will be awarded their certificates in next week's Commendation Assembly.

As a school we have signed up for the National Online Safety award. In order for our school to receive this award we need at least one parent to take part in it. If you wish to educate yourself on online safety all you need to do is follow the link: ( and register. You do not need to let the school know as we will be informed through the link. As many parents who wish to take part can, you can choose any module which interests you and listen before taking part in a quiz. Your support in this will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t forget the exciting Boys vs Girls Times Table Rock Stars competition starting tomorrow. The winning side will receive an extra 5 minutes play time!

Have a wonderful long weekend and we cannot wait to welcome you back especially well rested.

11 | 03 | 22: This week in School...

Another week comes to a close at Holy Family. There is much to tell you all about next week, as we are all very excited due to Friday 18th’s INSET Day where there is no school.

This week Year 6, have been doing some incredible math’s work, learning how to turn fractions into percentages! One student told me “If the denominator is 100 then it’s really easy. You just need to convert the numerator, as a percentage is already out of 100!”. Year 4 have been studying their topic, Alchemy Island. In science, they became real life alchemists, as they tested different materials to see which would be the best conductor. Students told me “it was so much fun carrying out the investigation, we had to test all these different materials and it was really important to ensure we carried out a fair test.” We can only hope they create gold soon! Reception have been learning about the story of Goldilocks, they wrote sorry letters to the bears to apologise for eating all their porridge! Most excitingly one afternoon they made porridge from scratch. Mr. Dickerson cooked the porridge with milk (very safely) on a stove. Then children chose which ingredients they wanted to put in their porridge. They could choose from strawberries and blueberries as well as a little bit of chocolate. “The porridge is so delicious, I really loved the chocolate” one child told me.

Next week, is going to be a very busy week. On Friday, as mentioned it will be an INSET Day.

Mr. Browne has set up a Rock N’ Roll tournament on Times Table Rock Stars! He will pit the boys against the girls with the winners gaining an extra 5 minutes of break time! On Thursday 17th, there will be a non-uniform day where we will be wearing blue and yellow to raise money for

Save the Children Ukraine relief crisis fund.

Finally, a massive thank you to thank you to Eoghn and Amy for helping out at the cake sale, the sale was a massive success. Thank you for your generosity and we hope you enjoyed your sweet treats. Miss Darren was very disappointed to not be able to eat any due to giving cakes up for lent.

04 | 03 | 22: This week in School...

There is never a dull moment at Holy Family but, few weeks are as exciting as this one. It was Miss Monkman’s favourite time of the year. World Book Day (WBD). Gone we’re our ordinary teachers as Wizards, Witches, Queens, Cats and even a Demi-God.

Before we get into the fun that was WBD we had some more excellent learning happening in classes. Year 3 have been learning about the tiger, they have been especially fascinated by the Siberian tiger with it’s white fur. Year 3 tell me “this is because it lives in snow, it would not be very camouflaged if it lived in the Savanna”. Year 2 went on a school trip to the National Gallery, one student spoke about how much she “loved the pictures of the flowers, you could tell that the artists really took their time and didn’t rush”. Reception had a very exciting afternoon on Tuesday as Mr Dickerson made Pancakes! They worked together to create the batter and even had to use their doubling skills to double the quantity of batter. Mr Dickerson’s culinary skills were complimented by the class with one child saying “these are even better than my mum’s!”.

It was fantastic to get back to normality with our World Book Day celebrations this year. The effort both staff and pupils made with their costumes was fantastic. It was wonderful to see so many different literary forms being represented with characters from comics, books, poems and even manga. Reception and Year 1 went on a special trip to Eltham Library to see a performance from local author Haffeera Cader Saul. She put on an incredible puppet performance of her book "Are you there?" Buzzed the Busy Bees. Afterwords the children got to make their own animal stick puppet and one lucky child won a book from Haffeera for her great listening. In the afternoon we held our traditional WBD assembly and paraded our incredible costumes. Mr Holdsworth came in and performed one of his lovely stories about Little Arthur, who is always getting into trouble! After the assembly children went into other classrooms to take part in some shared reading, which was lovely to see after having been stuck in bubbles for so long.

As we end another week at Holy Family, we think about how lucky we are and about those who are going through war at the moment. We will keep them in our prayers.

25| 02 | 22: This week in school...

This week we were very excited to welcome back the children after a very windy half-term holiday! Over the holiday Mr Benstead worked very hard over the week to help install some lovely new windows which you can see around the school. As we start our new topics for this half-term we have had some wonderful immersion days; Year 3 examined owl pellets under a microscope which students described as “exciting yet disgusting”, in Year 6 they dissected animal hearts in order to learn about how they work which was “fascinating as we had the opportunity to open them up and learn how the ventricles worked” and in Reception they went on a Giant hunt, they collected a giant’s chocolate and found a letter where the kind giant let them keep his letter “it was scary when the giant stepped over us!”.

Next week we will be celebrating world book day. Year 1 and Reception will be going on a special trip to Eltham Library to meet Haffeera Cader Saul. The whole school is encouraged to dress up as some of their favourite characters from books and stories. Yes, that includes the teachers! We will have a celebration assembly to parade our beautiful costumes as well as members of staff reading some of their favourite books to the children.

Greenwich are running a very exciting competition which could really put our school on the map! In celebration of World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March, they are inviting all students from Greenwich borough schools to enter their 500 word short story competition. 2022 is the 25th anniversary of World Book Day, so the theme for the story competition is: celebration. You can write any short story you like inspired by the theme of celebration. It needs to be 500 words or under. Please type your entries, if possible. Email your entries to Lizzie Church on Deadline: Friday 29th April 2022. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to showcase their talent.

To see more of what's gone on in school this week, take a look at our Instagram page, you can find us @HFkidbrooke

Have a great weekend!

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This week the guide is looking at keeping children safe on YouTube, click on the image to take a look at this weeks guide

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