Reception (FS2) CLASS


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The Gunpowder Plot

Big Ben Paper Model

Nigeria Information

African Patterns

African Pattern Colouring Pages

Ronald the Rhino Story

Ronald the Rhino Cut Outs




Lockdown Work

As well as the work we have set below, you should be reading everyday with an adult and practising your phonics, handwriting and number formation.


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Work for week Beginning 6th April 2020



Work for w/c Monday 30th March:

Letter to Parents



2D shape colouring sheet

 3D shape powerpoint

Number bonds to 10

Number formation and tens frame

Repeating patterns with bears

Repeating patterns with scarves


The Gingerbread Man Story

Name that story

The Gingerbread Man Writing Prompt

The Gingerbread Man thought bubbles


Tricky Words Activity Book

Matching activity


The Easter Story

The Easter story sequencing matching cards



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Visit to Meadows House

Reception Class went to Meadows House Residential Care Home to sing to the residents. They are part of our local community. They were so pleased to see the young children and listen to them sing a collection of songs.  Some of the residents joined in and one sang a solo for the children to listen to.
























Visit to Berkeley Homes Site

Reception have been learning about 'People who Help Us' and this week we visited Berkeley Homes in Kidbrooke. First, we went to the site office and met the people who were all very busy on their computers designing new homes. 

We learnt that as well as building homes, they also make sure there are lots of parks and green space. They will be building at Kidbrooke for another 15 years and when they are finished, there will be 10,000 homes. 

Next, we put on our hard helmets and headed to the building site. We went up in the outside lift to the 8th floor and looked out across all the different views over Kidbrooke. 

We had a fantastic time and would like to thank Berkeley homes for looking after us and telling us all about all the different jobs on the building site. 






Trip to Pizza Express

Reception Class would like to say a huge thank you to 'Pizza Express' in Blackheath Village, who hosted the class this week on a trip - 15/01/10.  The children were really well looked after. We were firstly dressed in aprons and chef's hats. We then learnt about the history and ingredients of a margherita pizza.  Every child had an opportunity to make their own pizza to take home to share with their family and extra pizzas were made for us all to taste there and then. We really appreciate the friendliness of the staff and the generosity of 'Pizza Express'.







A Visit from Father Christmas






A Trip to the Theatre




Today we have been making Christingles in preparation for Christmas.

  A Christingle is used in Christian churches during Advent.

 A Christingle is made from different objects.


Each of the objects has a special meaning.

The candle represents Jesus being the light of the world bringing hope to people. 

The sweets and fruit represent God's creations in his 4 seasons. 

The orange represents the world. 

The red ribbon represents God's love for the world. 









Elvis and Pricilla - Class Bears

In Reception, everyday our class bears Elvis & Priscilla visit a different child's home. They spend the day together and the Reception child looks after Elvis or Priscilla, making sure they are happy.  They put on their PJs and they brush their teeth. They always read a bedtime story and say a prayer. The following morning we read the diary entry from Elvis & Priscilla and classmates get a chance to ask questions about their time in another child's house. 

Some children send in photos of their time with Elvis and Priscilla. 










Trip to The Natural History Museum

On the 21st November Reception Class visited The Natural History Museum. It was the very first school trip we have been on and we were really excited. It was a big adventure going up to central London, getting on the train and then the tube. 

When we got to the museum the first place we visited was the dinosaur exhibition, which was fantastic. We met a huge lifelike T-Rex who moved and roared. Some of us thought he looked a bit hungry. It was really interesting seeing the dinosaur skeletons and thinking about how huge some of them were. 

Next we to the moon exhibition - it was beautiful.

We then visited the Mammal Gallery and saw life size models of lots of different animals. The whale was absolutely huge - we estimated as big as 4 or 5 double decker busses lined up together. 

Finally we had a wonderful story telling session with puppets. Our stories were Rapunzel and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We joined in with the stories and we loved watching the puppets. We then talked about the properties of hair and fur. 

We had a fantastic day out but we were exhausted when we got back to school - some of us needed a little nap! 









Harvest Time

In Reception we have been learning about Harvest time. We have been thinking about the farmers and learning about where different food comes from. We have been talking about different fruits and vegetables and what we like  and don't like. We have been learning about what is good for us. 

We have also been bringing in donations for our own Harvest Mass and these will be give to Eltham Food Bank to help people less fortunate who don't have enough food. 


Dear God

Each season brings something new for us to see and enjoy, 

With sunny days and rainy days, our crops grow larger, 

Fruit and vegetables ripen, ready for Harvest. 

Thank you for all of the food we have to eat, 

Let us remember people who may not have enough. 

Help us to be kind to others in our thoughts, words and deeds. 










In Reception we have lots of clever artists who have been experimenting with lots of materials to design and make some lovely creations.





Black History Month

In Reception in our RE lessons and as part of Black History Month we have been thinking about what makes us special. 


God made me special and I am his

With His love in my heart

I am never alone.

He made me,

He loves me

He knows my name too.

I am precious, I am special,

I know that I am no-one else but me

My fingerprints are patterned like no others.

I am unique, and I will always be.

God, thank you for making me.



We designed images of our own faces to show that we are all different but special.