As a Catholic school we value the whole child and the holistic development of each child.  As stated in our mission statement ,we aim for our children to become ‘confident and caring citizens’ through lifelong learning. Our geography and history curriculum enables children to explore the world around them and events that have shaped the world in which they live in today.

Through our Partnership with CAFOD we explore current issues in the wider world and encourage children to think deeply about issues through the study of Global Learning.


Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

Geography: Our Local Area

What's it like where we live?

History: My Family History

What was life like when our grandparents were children?

Geography: People and their Communities

Where in the world do these people live?

History: The Greatest Explorers

Who were the greatest explorers and what did they do?

Geography: Animals and their Habitats

Where do our favourite animals live?

History: Great Inventions – The First Flight
How did the first flight change the world/Why were the Rainhill trials important?

Year 2

Geography: Seasons

What are seasons?

History: Bonfire Night and the Great Fire of London
Should we still celebrate Bonfire Night/Did the Great Fire make London a better or worse place?

Geography: Journeys – Food

Where does our food come from?

History: Holidays

How have seaside holidays changed over time?

Geography: Our Wonderful World

What are the seven wonders of our world?

History: Our Local Heroes

Who are our local heroes and why should we remember them?

Year 3

History: The Stone Age

What was new about the Stone Age?

Geography: Climate and Weather

Why is climate important?

History: The Bronze Age and the Iron Age
Which was more impressive – the Bronze Age or the Iron Age?

Geography: Our World

Where on Earth are we?

History: Our Local Area

Why is local history important?

Geography: Coasts

Do we like to be beside the seaside?

Year 4

Geography: The Americas

Can you come on a Great American Road Trip?

History: The Ancient Egyptians

How much did the Ancient Egyptians achieve?

Geography: Rivers and the Water Cycle

How does the water go round and round?

History: Roman Britain

Was the Roman invasion good or bad for Britain?

Geography: Earthquakes and Volcanoes

How does the Earth shake, rattle and roll?

History: Crime and Punishment
How has crime and punishment changed over time?

Year 5

History: The Anglo-Saxons

Was the Anglo-Saxon period really a Dark Age?

Geography: Changes in our Local Environment

How is our country changing?

History: The Vikings

Would the Vikings do anything for money?

Geography: Europe – A Study of the Alpine Region

Where should we go on holiday?

History: Journeys

What makes people go on a journey?

Geography: Journeys – Trade

Where does all our stuff come from?

Year 6

Geography: South America – The Amazon

What is life like in the Amazon?

History: The Maya Civilisation

Why should we remember the Maya?

Geography: Protecting the Environment
Are we damaging our world?

History: The Ancient Greeks

What did the Greeks do for us?

Geography: Our World in the Future

How will our world look in the future?

History: The Impact of War
Did WWI or WWII have the biggest impact on our locality?